CH-7 Kompress, Charlie, CH-77




The CH-7 Kompress is a two-seat helicopter from the ultralight category.

It is used for recretional and sport flying but also comfortable for quick and safe transport.

You can see the helicopter at our company´s office. We´ll take you on a small tour and show you our maintenance service that more than 4 dozen aircraft have already gone through.


We will show you the helicopter´s characteristics in a flight demostration and for persons with serious interest, we can arrange a flight with an instructor.

Have you decided to become a pilot and owner of the CH-7 Kompress? After signing the contract and paying a 10% deposit of the total price, your helicopter will start to be manufactured. During the construction which takes 6-12 months, we teach you to operate the helicopter so that you will be ready to finish the training course with a flight examination and pilot certification. 

The helicopter features an automatic pilot for the engine, making it easier to fly the helicopter.


 Technical characteristics CH-7 Kompress 



CH-7 Kompress

  • Seating tandem 
  • Empty  250kg
  • Payload  200kg
  • Max. speed 209 km/h
  • speed   160 km/h
  • Engine Rotax 914 Turbo 115 HP
  • Standard fuel capacity 40L
  • Additional fuel capacity 19L
  • Max. flying range 450- 650 km
  • Max. operating altitude 4000 m
  • Main rotor diameter 6300 mm
  • Width of landing gear 1,5 m
  • Overall length 7300 mm
  • Overall height 2400 mm
  • Space for landing and take-off  30 x 30 m
  • Space for parking 7,5 m x 2m x 2,5 m
  • Consumption 15-18 L / 1 hour, fuel NATURAL 95


Based on the current CH-7 Kompress model and featuring a number 
of technical improvemets that are appreciated not only by pilots.

Technical characteristics CH-7 CHARLIE

  • Streamlined landing gear guard 
  • Optional rotor blades in carbon design 
  • Engine cooling fan
  • Slight changes to the cyclic control 
  • Engine cover with an easy-to-lift bonnet
  • Longer range 


Hot news-model CH-77 which continues with the fifteen-year´s tradition 
of type CH-7 Kompress. Main difference is seating side by side in an agreable 
and spacious cockpit.

 Technical characteristics o CH-77 Ranabot

  • Seating side by side
  • Cruise speed 170 km/90 Kts 
  • Max. speed 209 km/110 Kts
  • Max. weight 450/500 kg
  • Empty weight 282 kg
  • Payload 168/218 kg
  • Tank fuel 2 x 30 l/7,9 US gal
  • Engine Rotax 914, EPA POWER SA-914-1400
  • Consumption 18-20 l/hour
  • Overall lenght 7240 mm/23,75 ft
  • Overall height 2470 mm/8,1 ft
  • Main rotor diameter 6279 mm/20,5 ft
  • Max. flying range 480 km/259 Nm
  • Max. endurance 3 hours
  • Max. operating altitude 4800 m/15700 ft
  • Hovering IGE 2750 m/9000 ft
  • Rate of Climb 7,5 m/sec